At Amalgam Studio we design things.
Humans, naturally, design things.

In fact, as the humans behind Amalgam Studio believe, design is one of those traits that is uniquely human, along with consciousness, tool-making, language, empathy, and the ability to plan for the future.

Astoundingly, when humans design and plan things for the future, the world follows these plans.  Humans create the future. 
There is evidence of this everywhere on planet earth: through engineering, architecture, sculpture, infrastructure and urban development.
Roads, dams, canals, artificial islands, landfill, farms, ports, airports, mines, railways, tunnels, bridges, power plants. The Earth’s future has been created by us humans.

But we are now at an inflection point. We have the cleverness, the technology, and the ability to imagine and actually create a future where our lives can be manifestly improved through sustainable means: independent energy production, reduced material consumption, independent food production and equitable sharing of resources.

It is the most exciting time to be alive and perhaps the scariest time.  Humans create the future for better or for worst.  If you are optimistic, then join the humans creating a future for the better.  If you are pessimistic, then think about the worst case scenario. And act on it. Either way, we are all on the same spaceship.


We are an interdisciplinary Creative Design Workshop & Studio with foundations in sustainability, specializing in adaptable, replicable and affordable product, furniture, interior and building designs.